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金沙国际娱乐机构:Institutional Market: Make US Stocks Fall 40% Ready

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内容摘要:small co-president of Morgan Stanley: US stocks fell 40 percent ready to make huge opportunities in ChinaEST Wednesday,JPMorganco-president,...

small co-president of Morgan Stanley: US stocks fell 40 percent ready to make huge opportunities in China

EST Wednesday, JPMorgan co-president, wants to have more caution towards the end of the economic cycle, to prepare for a callback; China is very JPMorgan Chase will soon become the second largest market; bitcoin related technologies will play a role, JP Morgan Chase is not without the ability to get involved in this market.

JPMorgan Co-President Daniel Pinto, who is expected to replace Dimon as the head of the bank, expects that China will soon become the second largest market for the bank. He is optimistic about the economic growth of the United States in the next two years, but believes that global growth has come to an end. US stocks may warn a major correction.

More than two months ago, Pinto said in an interview that there will still be an uptrend in the US stocks in the next year or two, and once there is a correction, it may be a deeper correction, which may be 20%-40%. For large organizations such as JP Morgan Chase, the focus should be preparing for this.

Xiangcai Securities: GEM at the end of the triangular convergence of conventional

Shenzhen stock index opened today, after the shock grind slowly, 11: Start rebounded slightly to close at 18; afternoon stock again grind; hot surface: glyphosate, chemical fiber, oil , Oil and gas reform, flammable ice, polyurethane, shale gas, sub-new stocks, warehousing and logistics, chemical and other sectors performed strongly; overall: Today's market showed a slight adjustment of the market.

the recent judgment of the market, Xiangcai Securities Fan wave of view is still not available monensin two, attitude is very clear: the broader market turmoil finishing the main stocks of more opportunities, but fewer opportunities for the integrity of the system; for market trading The understanding of the center of gravity is the premise of operation. Investors must learn to identify hotspots and determine the flow of mainstream funds so that their operations can be more effective. The small-cap stocks headed by the GEM are the key words for this year's market.

From a technical point of view, the FBM KLCI (399102) has been in a state of shock and consolidation since it blocked the 250-day moving average last Friday. This position is sensitive because the index has been in force since 2016. Since the decline in December of the year, the descending trend has been on the 250-day moving average, with the one on March 17, 2017, the first on October 11, 2017, and then the most recent on April 2 and May 10, 2018. .

Many times encountered resistance near the 250-day moving average (year line), indicating that the pressure of the moving average is obvious, especially after two consecutive encounters in 2017, the KLCI has experienced a substantial decline, also giving The psychological aspects of the recent market will have a certain impact. This position can be increased or decreased. The market will definitely choose the direction. The stable investors can wait until the direction of the market is clear and then do the operation.

To sum up one sentence: The GEM is in the final stage of the triangle consolidation. The distance direction selection is getting closer and closer, and the short-term trade also needs to control the position, not the permanent full operation. Steady investors can wait more and wait until the direction is clear and then trade.

Jufeng Fan Gu: The short-term adjustment of the GEM target exposure

Throughout the day, the index oscillated lower, continuation of the small order for the past few days. On the disk, heavyweights performed poorly, and the strong pharmaceuticals and food sectors led the decline yesterday. The market remained relatively weak. In the news, Li Chao, vice chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, said yesterday that supplementary pensions are an important participant in the capital market. In fact, the management has been promoting the long-term capital into the market, for the long-term stable development of the capital market; technically, the index center of gravity fell below the support of a number of moving averages, there is still a slight trend of adjustment. The shrinkage of the Growth Enterprise Board, at any time there may be a callback in place.

In general, while funds from the North continue to be involved, there are signs that the funds on the floor have fled. This kind of escape is also the main reason for the weak performance of the short-term market. From the trend of stock index , before the trading volume has been effectively released, the index still has the possibility of repeated sawing. For the GEM, with the first adjustment on Friday, the current start of contraction means that the next action can start to decay, and there is the possibility of a stabilization at any time. Therefore, according to the previous corrections and support, there may be some support near the index line, or it will be the target of short-term adjustment.

Wells Fargo Fund Yu Yang: The probability of the medicine sector deducting from the bull market is relatively large.

The properties of the pharmaceutical industry are rather special. In many industries, individual stocks are linked to industry attributes, and the index goes up. Individual stocks will also follow. But the pharmaceutical industry is not the same. When the pharmaceutical index fell, many pharmaceutical stocks performed rather well. In the current industry context, the opportunities for individual stocks still exist. Moreover, the pharmaceutical industry is favored by policies and the performance trend is clear. The probability of the medical sector deducting from the bull market is relatively high.

Overall, I think that as long as the fund is not obviously overvalued, it is a good buying point for better active funds. The current position is higher, but I think the rate of retracement should not increase. For the leading white horse in the pharmaceutical industry, although the valuation is not low, if the growth in the next two years can absorb such valuation, there will be no great risk. Of course, we also need to pay attention to the risk that some stocks with small market capitalization and insufficient performance support will rise too much.

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Shun strategy Chen Guo: Four angle inventory GEM investor behavior

Guotai Junan Li Shaojun: Risk appetite repair limited promising second-tier consumption and create blue-chip

expert on the city \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt;

Li Lifeng: The factors affecting the upward space of A-shares are mainly concentrated in three aspects.

Ying Jianzhong: The market has fallen in value at the end of the real outturn.

Xu Wei: A shares Field gradually usher in the dawn of the World Cup theme may become concerned about the direction





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